The Manifesto

An inter-linked ecosystem

The Vision


Titi Financial is the response to the wide slew of meaningless meme coins.

While Titi’s brand personality is lighthearted, the mission is filled with serious aspirations of an ecosystem that is productive, expansive, and inclusive. We’re a community-focused project- fun is of significant importance, but so is building something meaningful and impactful.

Our roadmap is eventful. Our play-to-earn game TitiVerse is now well into the development pipeline and we’re excited to launch the first demo. We recently airdropped more than 2k NFT’s to our early holders (for free). Furthermore, we’re planning more community-incentive programs!



Titi’s mission is dependent upon successful community building.

To nurture community growth, holders are periodically airdropped both tokens and NFT’s. In addition, transparency is highly valued; liquidity is locked forever, contract is audited (any new product is also audited), and there was no private sale, which would have opened the door to excessive dumping and price manipulation. A well-dispersed token allocation is essential.

Titi’s social media presence is vibrant, with a special emphasis on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord. Community events and ‘update sessions’ will regularly be held on one of the platforms or in the TitiVerse. Also, there will be a whole lot of memes and fun!

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Titi Financial

Revolutionizing Meme Coins

We’re changing the meme landscape. Adding utility to the whole ecosystem. Bear market or bull market, there will a lot of opportunity for $TITI holders to earn and win. 

Q1 2022

The Beginnings

Completion of: website revamping, code filtering, code audit, initial liquidity offering, token launch, and community building.

Q2 2022

Community Incentives

Completion of: NFT rewards to early investors, airdrop rewards to holders, telegram and social media growth, and first iteration of the TitiVerse.

Q3 2022

All About the TitiVerse

Completion of: workable and playable version of the TitiVerse, added NFT utility, CEX listings, and hardened marketing campaigns.

Q4 2022

Expansion & Organic Momentum

Completion of: more NFT drops/added utility, expansion of the TitiVerse, intensifying marketing, and establishment/brand recognition.

Allocated to Grow

Fair & Transparent

Titi Financial's token allocation is structured in a fair way that prevents anyone from holding uneven influence. All liquidity, including that from the ILO, is locked forever. Team tokens are locked and vested over years. All wallets are exposed and transparent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Previous lightpaper versions are provided here:

Our aspiration is for the TitiVerse to be accessible. Titi Citizens will be required to demo some phases, but the TitiVerse will eventually be open to all $TITI holders.

We’re working on an innovative $TITI burn mechanism in the TitiVerse.